Say goodbye to endless update emails and unused collateral

20% of B2B marketing budgets are spent creating content that never even gets used.

Let us help you get your 20% back!

Marketing Features

Whether you’re sharing updated collateral to your sales team or launching a new product, Mobile Locker makes it easy to stay organized and track success.

Everything in one place

All of your marketing collateral is stored and managed in one easy-to-use app.

With a professional interface and alphabetical organization, your team can hit the field with confidence.

Automatically send updates to your reps in the field

Share, update, and edit collateral in real-time and have changes automatically sent out to your team.

With push notifications, last minute changes are easy, and you’ll never have to worry about outdated material circulating in the field.

Use smart data to track what's working and what isn't

Use tracking to see which pieces of content are being used, how often, and by whom. 

With visual charts and data analytics, you can easily demonstrate the success of your efforts.

Manage groups and users to grant access to specific content

Control user permissions to make sure that the right collateral is in the right hands by simply twitching their access ON or OFF.

With customizable groups, you can make sure every team has access to the material they need.

Syncs directly with your existing technology platforms

Integrates with CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, Oracle, and Pipedrive.

With single sign-on, it’s seamless to incorporate Mobile Locker into your existing workflow.

We integrate with more CRMs than anyone else in the market

Don't see your CRM? Don't worry - we'll build it!

Mobile Locker integrates with Act CRM
Mobile locker integrates with ActiveCampaign
Mobile locker integrates with Copper
Mobile Locker integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365
Mobile Locker integrates with HubSpot
Mobile Locker integrates with Oracle CRM on Demand
Mobile Locker integrates with Oracle Sales Cloud
Mobile Locker integrates with Pipedrive CRM
Mobile Locker integrates with Salesforce
Mobile Locker integrates with Synergistix CATS CRM
Mobile locker integrates with Zoho

Do you go to market through distributors or dealers?

Contact Mobile Locker to learn more about how you can share your content with your distributors and dealer network at a discounted rate.

Customers reviews

"We use this functionality a lot! Really effective. Why pay a KOL to attend multiple meetings when you can video them and replay it over and over again."
Chris Venn
Country Director
"My sales materials are useless unless I can get them to my clients sales team quickly and without technological issues. Mobile Locker handles the job so I can concentrate on the content. Highly recommend app for your sales team!"
Simon Marsh
"Mobile Locker has enabled us to be able to roll out the latest IVAs and presentations with minimal effort. We control the process rather than having to rely on other departments."
Lauren Becker
Sales Operations